Bill Cunningham, writing under the name W.C. Cunningham is a husband, father, manufacturing engineer by day, and writer most evenings and weekends.  Inspired by years of reading, many liberal art detours in college, and numerous family and friends in law enforcement, he is presently working on his first mystery/thriller.

Originally from the southwest, Bill now lives in South Carolina Lowcountry with his wife, one son, one dog, and too many cats



My love affair with reading started at an early age.  My love affair with writing has been an ongoing process.  I have dabbled with writing lyrics and short stories over the years and have only decided to become serious about writing as of late.  I have read many great works of fiction over my lifetime, both literary and not so literary. I become lost in both and simply love the written word.

I have always been fascinated with mysteries and thrillers.  This most likely came about from reading Hardy Boys books as a child, and when I ran out of those, Nancy Drew books (I’m OK admitting that).  Having family in law enforcement fueled my love of mysteries and thrillers even more.   So here I am, a husband, father of two beautiful boys who keep me young, caretaker of pets, embarking on an adventure in writing and taking it very seriously.  I am technical by profession, my grammar is horrendous (despite my mother being an English Major and writing for a career), I’ve been told I use adverbs too much, and I have a constant battle going on with left brain/right brain issues.  I am overthinking some of the process and winging it with other parts and seeing it where it lands me.  More importantly, I am writing and I love it.

Hope you enjoy.