It’s Been Awhile 2.0

I wonder how many posts have started this way.  What is awhile?  For this post that means almost three years.  That seems more than awhile and closer to a long time, but my mind tends to often associate life events and time with lyrics and I love the Staind song more than the Boston song so here we are – it’s been “awhile” folks.

There is a long story to this missing timeframe in my online presence, but I’ll make it a short story.  The short story is the medium sized global company I worked for in NY got bought by a much larger global company who decided to break the company up, consolidate operations, and sell off certain business units. 

A local factory in a small town with a one-hundred-year history was now going to close over a two year period.  Some employees would stay on with the company but have to relocate, most would lose their jobs, and a few of us became employees of another company as a result of a product line being sold off.  I happened to be one of the employees who now work for a new company, in a brand new factory, and in a brand new state. More importantly, I’m blessed to still have a job and with the same familiar product I’ve been supporting for the last 12 years. Still… changes.

That’s the short story. It has been a crazy two years closing down one facility, being part of another being built, and relocating my family but it’s done and now I’m catching my breath. Yes, even during this entire pandemic we’re living through.

So why today?  I miss writing and despite the increased work load in my day job, I have more time.  And I have stories. It’s funny how despite not writing, the stories remain in my head. So here we go again.

A New Life

So where am I calling home these days?  The South Carolina Lowcountry. 

Southern hospitality, sunshine, beaches, salt life, sweet tea, planned communities, great trails, plenty of local craft beer, more restaurants than I will ever be able to eat at, and a dish I will put right up there with tacos – shrimp and grits. Who knew?

I’m going to be OK.



  1. Georgia Rose

    Lovely to see you here again, and I’m glad all is well with you 😀

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thank you! Hope all is well with you as well 🙂

  2. Tara

    My 50% Southern blood could have told you about shrimp and grits. Welcome to that party. Happy to see you here! Hope to see more here in the coming weeks/months.

    • W.C. Cunningham

      It took me by surprise. What’s cool about it is that each place I’ve had the dish puts a different spin on it. The best so far has been one that adds tasso gravy and cheese. 🙂

      • Tara

        I see. It’s like Chinese food then — have to try all the places to find the one that makes your favorite dish just right. Enjoy continuing the culinary journey!

  3. thoughtsnlifeblog

    Hey Bill, it has been a whirlwind for you and your family. It is lovely to have you back blogging. I hope you and your family are safe and well.

    Maybe you can blog , write a small post every month ish. Always lovely to hear from you .

    • W.C. Cunningham

      It sure has. Younger me had no problem with so much change over a few years but older me is a little more set in my ways. This was a big change but we are settling in. Month’ish sounds like the plan as it should help keep me on task with my WIP 🙂

      • thoughtsnlifeblog

        Stay well. I think we all are like that, the younger self could manage everything. Anyway, the older self, is mild, calm and well paced.

        See you in a month’ish.

  4. jeanleesworld

    There you are! I know what you mean by a hiatus–I’ve hardly been on instagram since lockdown. We just need breaks at times to focus on those changes. Happy to hear you’re safe and well and adapting to delicious dishes. 🙂

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