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A writer friend of mine, the very interesting and genuine E.L Wicker, invited me to participate in ‘My Writing Process: A Blog Tour.’ Emma is an English writer working on a series of YA books about vampires, with some twists and rule changes best described here on Emma’s site: E.L. WICKER A Writers Journey

Each person who is tagged or asked to participate in this blog tour answers four questions about their work and writing process, then introduce three other writers. This gives readers and writers a chance to meet and get to know writers they might not have otherwise known about.

With only three blogs under my belt and my WIP far from being complete, this should be interesting.

What am I working on?

I write fiction and am presently working on a novel. It is my first and will be a mystery that is leaning towards somewhat of a thriller. My original intent was to write a series around a NY State Police Detective and somewhere in the process another character was crying out to build the series around him. I went with it and had to do a bit of rewriting but am very pleased with the detour I took. It is about a serial killer who is targeting women in the medical field and my somewhat dark, reluctant protagonist’s involvement with it all.

How does my book differ from others in its genre?

This question was the hardest for me to answer because I’m not sure it will differ in some aspects. Basic recipes for this type of genre can be modified in a number of ways.  I read somewhere that many authors tend to have characters in law enforcement stereotyped with marital problems, alcohol problems, tendencies to break rules in order to get the bad guy, etc.  I wanted to break away from that and have a character in law enforcement that doesn’t fall into those stereotypes. The problem it presented to me was in the process of making my main character a poster child for law enforcement, a secondary character became more interesting and subsequently became the main character.  My hope is that I can maintain the basic ingredients for a novel within this genre, yet mix it up enough by adding elements of humor, clever character development and growth, tangents exploring the killer’s POV, and situations and people the average reader can both relate to and become engaged with.

Why do I write what I write?

I could come up with something very profound here but I am going to borrow something from another author I have made friends with: S.S. Lange, who describes herself on her website as a  “writer of stuff I’d read.” Although I have read books in many genres, my favorites will always be mysteries and thrillers.  I am writing what I want to read. Simple as that. I’m also lucky enough to have plenty of life experiences to draw from, friends and family in law enforcement, and friends and family in other fields relevant to the stories I plan to write making it a very easy genre for me to write in.

How does my writing process work?

I am fairly new to writing in the manner that I am writing now (see my ‘about’ page), so I have a lot of flexibility and am finding my writing process is in a constant state of change.  I recently wrote a short story, followed a very detailed outline and in the end it worked out perfectly.  In regards to writing a novel, my process is evolving.  I started out with an idea, a very detailed character breakdown with sheets on each, a detailed outline, detailed sheets on scene locations, and much of my research already complete.  Definite plotter.  Then things started happening, characters started talking to me, I changed my protagonist, ventured down paths and subplots that were not outlined, researched on the fly, and I am enjoying that freedom immensely.  Panster.  I believe long term; I will balance between the two, all subject to change of course.  I’ve also played around with writing on paper lately which brings about a sense of intimacy with my work. I have no intentions of writing a complete novel that way but it is a nice break from fingers pounding away at a keyboard and a different mechanism to get through tough writing sessions.

Since I work full time, I balance reading and writing throughout the week then focus on heavy writing in the wee hours of the morning over the weekend.  I love the quiet house, morning coffee, and refreshed mind that this time of day brings.  I don’t set unrealistic goals and am happy with any word count as long as I am making progress and pleased with what I’ve wrote. An intangible in my writing process and very worthy of note here: support and encouragement from both my family and from a handful of writers I have had the pleasure of getting to know over the last few months.

So, that is me at this stage of my writing. I will be curious as to how I will answer the question regarding my writing process a year from now.


Now to tag three others… coming soon.


Writer #1 – Meet Dena Rogers, a writer friend I have gotten to know over the last few months. We made an immediate connection beyond writing with small town living and Whataburger.  She is a talented and recently published author, yet has taken time to provide support and encouragement to a beginning writer like myself.  Please find Dena’s addition to the “My Writing Process: A Blog Tour’ HERE

Dena’s Bio:



A day job that often deals with the negative side of relationships, Dena turned to writing romance as a way to ensure that each day was filled with a little “Happily Ever After.”   She is a wife, mother, government worker, part-time cake decorator and moonlight writer.

Originally from Texas, she lives in the foothills of Kentucky with her husband and two sons.  She’s a lover of music, Kentucky Basketball, and can often be found watching her husband race at one of the local dirt-tracks or planning her family’s next road trip.  When not doing one of those things, she’ll have her nose in a book (and two or three in her purse.)  Her debut novel, Drive Me Sane, published by Crimson Romance is now available.


  1. perfectprosesservices

    Great post and I can help you with how you will answer that question this time next year – it will go somewhere along the lines of ‘I’m currently writing my second novel, having already published my first’. Right?!
    I look forward to editing it and am very pleased that the subject matter is something which interests me – thriller, crime, medical. Well done on your third post – I’ve missed one, so I am going to have to go back and read it now! Susan

    • W.C. Cunningham

      I hope that will be my answer. I am slowly developing a rhythm to this whole writing process and making progress. It’s exciting! Hopefully it won’t be too terribly bad to edit. Thanks for reading and commenting Susan!

  2. Georgia Rose

    Fascinating post Bill, very interesting to read about your process. I did one of these tours earlier in the year and as a newbie to writing as well found my process changed as I wrote my first and is still evolving as I work on my second book. I like the way you write and the sound of the book coming so shall sign up for your blog to read more! Thanks for sharing 🙂

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thank you so much. I think it comes down to what works for each of us at a particular moment in time. I just hope that however my process evolves, it is for the better and that I make the most of it.

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