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source link This summer while my son was hospitalized for an infection in his knee, my coworker and close friend Heather was in another part of the hospital ready to give birth to her daughter. My wife, a nurse, was bouncing back and forth between Heather’s room and my son’s.  My wife was Heather’s nurse during part of her pregnancy and Heather wanted my wife with her during delivery.  This is more than a nurse/patient relationship. My wife and Heather have been close friends since Kindergarten and rekindled that relationship years later when both moved backed to their hometown.

buy viagra need prescription Heather had a beautiful baby girl this summer and months later we find ourselves praying for her daughter as well as her and her husband. Heather took a leave of absence a few weeks ago from work. To care for her daughter who will spend the next thirty plus weeks undergoing chemo for a cancer that was found in a tumor that was removed recently.

I can’t imagine what she and her husband are going through.  I do know however that they are going to need help. One of my other coworkers started this fundraiser to help them out with medical bills etc.

buy zithromax without presc All I can ask is please… if you can give anything, Please do.