If We Were Having Coffee #14 – 8 ½ Months


If we were having coffee, I would have a number of choices to offer your today. I have a breakfast blend, a butter toffee, a house blend (somewhat dark), and a caramel pecan roll flavored coffee. For creamers, I have French Vanilla and Italian Sweet Crème. I’m going with the house blend and Italian Sweet Crème. Let’s head out to the back porch and enjoy the morning shade. It’s uncharacteristically cold out this May morning and the forecast rumor is snow but coffee will surely warm us.

I haven’t had a coffee share post in a few months, instead opting to read a few each weekend. Since my thoughts today are related to a coffee share post 8 ½ months ago, I though it only appropriate to drop by this venue for today’s post.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you about how lost I felt 8 ½ months ago after saying goodbye to my oldest son when we dropped him off at college. At the time, I was bouncing back and forth between how excited I was for him and selfishly wallowing in the sad reality that is just one recurring stage of parenting; continually letting your child go.

Through this forum, I had received many kind words of support, both from people who have been there before and from those going through the same thing. It helped and I am forever grateful.

If we were having coffee, I’d tell you it wasn’t all that bad. We had daily texts and were able to see him numerous times over the last 8 ½ months. There were school breaks, weekend shopping trips, and a few times we drove down just to take him out to eat. There was the occasional phone call or FaceTime. It worked. One hundred and twenty miles away was not that far. We survived. And grew. All of us.

We picked him up at school Friday May 6th. He was both excited to come home for the summer and sad to leave a new friend who would not be returning next semester. We moved him down there in our car and moved him back home in a new SUV. He asked if it was “ours” which tells me everything is the same despite being different.

If we were having coffee, I would tell you we got his grades a few days ago. I could brag. Really, I could. Suffice it to say I am proud of him along with all he accomplished and figured out his first year in college.

I suppose I should have expected nothing less. In the meantime, we are going to enjoy the next 3 ½ months.

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  1. Georgia Rose

    I’m delighted this 8.5 months has gone so well for you Bill. My youngest leaves for university in September though that follows a backpacking trip around south east Asia which fills me with equal measures of excitement and terror. It will be very strange that come the Autumn no children will be left at home…:-( But I learnt from my first that for a while yet they will keep returning for those little bits of support, plus getting the washing done and being fed 🙂

    • W.C. Cunningham

      We experienced the laundry adventure a few times this last year but surprisingly he came home with his laundry done. I still can’t sort that one out. All in all it is a different dynamic and we have gotten used to it. It was your comment 8-1/2 months ago that made me realize a few things about those upcoming dynamics… 🙂 Safe travels to your youngest this summer!

  2. Daisy Smiley Face

    Your adept adulting makes me smile. I know it’s not easy to let go, but what a gift you are to your son (and you) by doing so, even though I know it’s hard. Growth is awesome. Good grades are, too. Congrats to him for that! ~Tara

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thanks Tara. Growth IS awesome. And never ending. 🙂

  3. Glynis Jolly

    It’s nice you feel that much closeness to your child. And that he shows signs of that same closeness to you as a young adult is marvelous. I wish I could say I’ve felt that attachment as a mother or a child, but I haven’t. Chances are this is a humongous flaw in my character.

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thank you. I didn’t feel that way as a child but I certainly do as a father. I’ve been fortunate in that respect.

  4. Julie D

    Finally catching up on emails. And so glad he had a good first year. How time flies, as I am realizing mine is half way done with her college career. Where did all this time go?? Enjoy the summer, as I am only privileged to 2 weeks in August, after summer school and some work time, mine will be home for her 20th birthday. For this I a grateful.
    Stay well, my friend.

    • W.C. Cunningham

      The time goes so fast but in looking back, it always has. We are enjoying the the summer so far. I’m sure you remember your summers while living out this way. Everything comes alive and is green and no moment of good weather wasted. Having him home keeps our summer dynamics and rituals somewhat the same thankfully.

      Despite the short time, very cool that she will be home for her 20th! I keep cracking up on how much I see you in her every time we watch her play on TV. Mine turns 20 the month after he goes back to school. Like last year, we’ll make the drive and take him out to dinner and celebrate. 🙂

  5. Mary Rowen

    Bill, I’ve thought of you many times over this year and wondered how it was going. So happy to hear it went well, and am also glad you’ll have this summer with your son. I’m going to share this with a friend whose first is heading off to college in the fall.

    • W.C. Cunningham

      It’s amazing how well it went but I’m convinced the shorter distance helped. Far enough away to give him his freedom and close enough that we could show up on a Saturday morning to take him out to breakfast and/or get take him shopping for supplies. I’m also so thankful for technology and the convenience it brings. The quick little texts here and there made a big difference for the three of us still at home (hopefully for him too, lol).

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