7.7.7 Challenge – A Peek At My WIP

This weekend I am trying to catch up after not posting anything last weekend.   I was sick.  Knock-out, stay in bed sick for four days; probably the aftermath of a turbulent two weeks or it could have been something as simple as someone just passing their yuk on to me.  Yes, guys are whiners when they are sick. Deal with it.


I was included in a 7.7.7. challenge by the very entertaining Paige Randall.  Paige is a D.C. based fiction writer with a raw quirky sense of humor that will put a smile on your face.  Despite only knowing her virtually, I can tell you she is the kind of person I’d love to have a beer with, or bourbon in her case.  You can click on Paige above.   I just realized that sounded funny.  Click on, click off.  Wasn’t there a movie about that?

The 7.7.7 challenge is for the author to go to page 7 of their current WIP (work in progress), skip down to line 7 and then, share the next 7 lines of their manuscript with you.  This sounded interesting enough but it involves something I have been extremely private about: my WIP.  My very rough draft WIP. I suppose I need to get over that.

I’m writing a mystery/thriller titled November Rain.  It’s a about a serial killer targeting people in the medical field, specifically; women in the medical field.  Ed Kiel, my main character, is both ex-law enforcement and ex-military, now living in a very small town along the NY/PA border.  His friend, and another key character in my story, is NYSP Detective Derek Bannon (and yes, I named him after Race Bannon from Jonny Quest).  Although I was hoping for something dark and mysterious for this challenge I’m keeping it honest and it is what it is. The scene below is set in a small town diner called Dottie’s where the two are having breakfast.   Derek is somewhat of a health nut, extremely muscular, and would be considered eye candy for all you romance writers.

In the scene below, their waitress has just served them both their meals.

Seven sentences from November Rain:

…  In customary server fashion, she repeated the orders while placing their plates in front of them, winking at Ed when she recited Derek’s order.  Ed nodded, Derek thanked her, and she replied with her standard “you’re welcome Honey, enjoy.”

                Derek had been eating egg beater omelets at Dottie’s for as long as Ed could remember.  The only problem with this was they weren’t necessarily the egg substitute that Derek thought he was eating, and sadly, everyone but Derek knew this yet were too afraid to tell him.  Ed had finally asked Dottie herself about it one day and she just smiled and replied “well we do beat the eggs Sugar” and left it at that.

                “So how’s your omelet?”  Ed asked as he speared another sausage link.

                “Great! I don’t know what they do different here but it always tastes better than the way it tastes at home.” …

Exactly at 7.7.7 and a little humorous calm before the storm.

I’m going to challenge a couple of friends to share their 7 lines from their WIP.

First, and no surprise, is my amazing friend from across the pond: E.L. Wicker

Second, and again no surprise, is my friend and romance author: Dena Rogers

Until next week,





  1. PaigeRandall

    This is terrific Bill! I share your “Quest Love.” I can’t wait to read more of your work!

  2. PaigeRandall

    Oh and that beer/bourbon ANYTIME!

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thanks Paige and glad you enjoyed. What a random way to pick something from our work. The scene before, the two were fishing and the scene after was an interview at a police station. Trying to buckle down and commit to a more stringent writing schedule so I can get this done. I like Tequila too btw… and absolutely love Irish Cream this time of year.. on the rocks, straight up, in my coffee,…

      • PaigeRandall

        Oh I love the Bailey’s in the coffee! 7-7-7-7 was a very tricky exercise indeed. I’m considering a small group for a virtual writers group this winter. You are on my list of invites.

        • W.C. Cunningham

          That sounds interesting. You’ll have to let me know the details.

  3. jhmae

    I really like your writing. This little taste makes me want to read the rest!

    Whatever you had, I probably had, too. Was sick from about Friday to Thursday this week. Blech. It’s especially fun went you can’t stand for more than five minutes without feeling dizzy. Hope you’re feeling better! 🙂

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thank you! Quite a few people around here have had it (whatever “it” is). Blech is right, lol. It’s still lingering some but I feel so much better than I did.

  4. polley93

    What an interesting challenge! You piqued my interest with your general description of your book content. Being in th Healthcare profession does ave it’s dangers and stalkers. Definitely want to read it!

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thanks Cathy!

  5. emmawicker

    I am so thrilled to be able to read your 7 lines. Thank you for sharing Bill! I can’t wait until the time comes when I can buy it! I’m glad that you’re feeling better now. Also, I am SUCH a whiner when I’m ill too. My poor husband and kids have to put up with me saying ‘I’m poorly’ over and over again. It’s another thing I like to think is endearing – when it’s probably SUPER annoying! Thank you for inviting me to take part. I’m going to write it all out in a mo then publish this evening 🙂

    • W.C. Cunningham

      And I am just as excited to yours… and look forward to the day you publish it.

      • emmawicker

        Thank you Bill 🙂 As I write Evangeline I am starting to wish I had the experience and knowledge that I gained through writing FI, before I wrote it! I can see Evangeline’s voice booming through my book where it took many, many drafts and switch from 3rd to 1st to find Ilia’s!

  6. Charli Mills

    Great seven lines! I like how you are playing the two characters off one another to get a deeper sense of who they are. It also roots the setting, using a small-town diner with its casual negligence for serving “egg-beaters.” Very funny, too. Sounds like a serious read, though. It’s good to get over that reluctance to share your WIP. Every step counts! Keep writing!

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thanks Charli. I got lucky on this as to where it fell. A couple of paragraphs either direction would not have been as interesting or funny for that matter. Thanks for reading!

  7. Georgia Rose

    Thanks for the glimpse at your work Bill – I enjoy all that you write so I’m sure the finished work will be great. It is difficult to share something you have been keeping so private but we all appreciate it. 🙂

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Thanks Georgia. This was a fun challenge to do.

  8. Jan

    Interesting challenge! Maybe Derek should switch to real eggs!

    • W.C. Cunningham

      Food is an easy topic to have fun with in a story. I tried the egg substitute a few times in an effort to eat healthy. Forget that. I eat more like Ed now. Fried eggs, sausage, and toast.

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